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silly rabbit, tricks are for kids..

1. Name:: christopha
2. Age::15
3.Location::somerdale , nj
4. Sex (Gender you jackasses)::male
5. Sexuality::straight

6. 10 Bands:: emery, lux corageous, june , before today , desole, kane hodder, armor for sleep , underoath , alexisonfire , this providence

7. 5 Movies:: in america , serendipity , in this house ,the blues brothers , lost in translation. 
8. 3 Books::angela's ashes , the gospel acording to larry , the davinci code
9. Tv show(s):: the simpsons ,fuse                                                                                                             10. Thing about you:: i moved here from san francisco, california. sing for 2 bands , 1 is signed. and im so hardcore my socks never match.

11. Amuse Us:: i got punched in the face and it fipped my lip piercing out and i had to get reconstructive sugury to fix the loss of skin.they took it from my feet.
12. Promote the communty, and show proof (This will be checked ♥)::promoted here.
13. How did you find us?::i found you through my friend </a></a>darlingsdeath  info.
14. Any Bad Habbits?, If so, what are they?:: i have a tendency to take things too seriously. i usually dont look people in the eyes             15. What do you think of your Mod?:: i think you mods are fucking hardcore hott.and hells cool.
16. Post up atleast 2 CLEAR pictures.. If you don't have any clear ones you must put up 5 pictures::

hardcore hott.

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