Starving for the truth (poisionedbyyou) wrote in hardcore_x_hott,
Starving for the truth

Silly Rabbit Tricks are for Kids.

1. Name::Jennuh Maree
2. Age::16
4. Sex (Gender you jackasses)::Female
5. Sexuality::Straight


6. 10 Bands::Greenday, As Cities Burn, The Burning Issue, Underoath, Mae, Silverstein, The Cure, The Ramones, Motley Crue, The Killers
7. 5 Movies::Napolean Dynamite, Labryth, Nightmare Before Christmas, Lemony Snickets, Lord Of The Rings
8. 3 Books::That was Then This Is Now, The Outsiders, Defind "Normal"
9. Tv show(s)::Family Guy, 7th Heaven, Ashlee Simpson Show, "wanna come in", Boy Meets World
10. Thing about you::Im Entergetic


11. Amuse Us::
12. Promote the communty, and show proof (This will be checked ♥)::My EllJay
13. How did you find us?::One of My Friends
14. Any Bad Habbits?, If so, what are they?::Biting My Lip
15. What do you think of your Mod?::Eh?
16. Post up atleast 2 CLEAR pictures.. If you don't have any clear ones you must put up 5 pictures::

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